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Assista o vídeo abaixo e descubra o que é o método DMind e como ele irá elevar o nivel de suas campanhas com um custo muito mais baixo e infinítas possibilidades de Dungeons

Why use the Dmind System for RPG Campains?

Para quem é esse sistema?

Pessoas que possuem somente uma impressora de papel

Pessoas que possuem somente uma impressora de papel e impressora 3D

How does DMind works?

Veja como é fácil construir vários temas de dungeons. Aqui terá um time lapse da montagem da dungeon


6 temas diferentes e mais serão lançados logo

These are the main areas an adventuring party will meet for sure, but you can always change how you use them, for example, the simple sewer wall could work perfectly fine as a dungeon or prison and the cathedral can look like a catacomb.

Every theme contains a unique 3D printable column and a bunch of wall pieces with 2″ heigh and different variations from 1″ inch wide up to 10 inches.


Os jogadores são contratados por um fazendeiro para encontrar seu gado perdido. Eles rastreiam o gado até um campo aberto, onde encontram uma manada de criaturas selvagens. Os jogadores devem derrotar as criaturas e resgatar o gado.

Kindon of Jaismr

Os jogadores são convidados a participar de um torneio de cavalaria em um castelo. Eles competem contra outros cavaleiros em uma série de desafios, incluindo combate, justas e corrida de obstáculos. Os jogadores devem vencer o torneio para ganhar o prêmio.


Os jogadores são enviados para investigar uma série de desaparecimentos em uma cidade. Eles rastreiam os desaparecimentos até um sistema de esgoto subterrâneo, onde encontram uma gangue de criminosos. Os jogadores devem derrotar a gangue e descobrir o que está acontecendo com os desaparecidos.


Os jogadores são enviados para explorar uma caverna que está causando tremores na região. Eles exploram a caverna e encontram uma antiga civilização. Os jogadores devem descobrir o segredo da civilização e impedir que ela cause mais danos.

O Demônio da Caverna

Nas profundezas de uma caverna escura, um demônio aguarda sua presa. Ele é uma criatura monstruosa, com pele escamosa e olhos vermelhos flamejantes. Suas garras são longas e afiadas, e sua boca está cheia de dentes afiados.

O demônio é um ser cruel e sádico. Ele se alimenta do medo e do sofrimento dos outros. Ele gosta de caçar aventureiros e de torturá-los até a morte.


Para dar mais vida ao ambiente de cada sala, voce poderá adicionar elementos no ambiente


Recreate universes just like you’ve imagined them with the right mini for every story, setting, character, and NPC.


All models you’ll get have been prepared and tested for the most popular 3D printers to reduce printing errors significantly.


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All of the objects that are available in the Urban Assets collection.

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Take your models to the next levels

Get access to the LevelUp Assets Library and download over 1300 miniature STL files.

  • ONE price FOR ALL miniatures.
  • New updates & new releases at no cost.
  • Miniatures specially designed for 1/35 scale dioramas.
  • Print your miniature assets at home.
  • Themes: Military, Terrain, Forest, Countryside Town, Village.

Commecial License

More information about the commercial license is at the bottom of this page.

Discover some of the objects from the MyPortal collection in the video below.

Absolutely everything was printed using the available miniatures on the platform.
All objects were printed in 1/35 scale.
These are just a few examples of the objects available in the LevelUp Assets Library.

Some of the 1/35 scale STL prints available in the LevelUp Assets Library.

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Once you become a member, you will get:

What is
LevelUp Assets Library?

The LevelUp Assets Library is a platform that offers a collection of 3D-printable STL files designed specifically for 1/35 scale dioramas.

Creating an awesome and fascinating diorama is easier than you might think. You don’t have to spend hours searching for good quality STL assets that fit your diorama. More importantly, our STL files print smoothly without any issues.

We have created a large number of assets to enhance your diorama even further. We believe that small details can make a huge difference in your diorama.

Visualizing a complete diorama set can inspire you to notice elements that can take your diorama to the next level. Instead of creating the same boring diorama every time, adding new assets to the scene can make it more interesting.

The most important thing is to enjoy the creation process and relax – that’s what this hobby is all about.

Some packs of assets are available in the Library

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Urban Assets

It was designed inspired by elements of an urban city.

You can literally print all the elements of the scene, except for the floor and building structure.

Scroll down and see all the other objects we modeled to facilitate the creation of your diorama.

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Military Fuel Props Set

Each object in this set is available as a separate STL file in 1/35 scale.

The Modular Fuel Cart is designed for easy printing.

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Why become a member?

Diorama Builders often spend countless hours searching for high-quality STLs to enhance their dioramas, only to end up with poor quality prints and no support from sellers.

This can lead to frustration and an unfinished, uninspiring diorama.

If you want an easy way to create stunning dioramas, relax, and enjoy the creative process, subscribe to gain access to all of our Military Diorama Sets.

Plus, you’ll receive free updates and new military releases at no extra cost.


Anti Tank Artillery Set

Every object in this set is avaiable in a separete STL file and 1/35 scale

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Anti Tank Post Set

Every object in this set is avaiable in a separete STL file and 1/35 scale

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Military Crate

Every crate has a separate lid available as a separate STL file and 1/35 scale.

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Realistic Military Sandbag Shelter Set

Separated single sandbag and modulated sandbag shelter. 1/35 scale

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Safe Storage for Artillery Set

Every weapon, ammo, locker & door, everything in the set is avaiable in a separeted STL file. 1/35 scale

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Military Telecommunitation Shelter Set

Every object in this set is available in a separate STL file. Containers are separated in parts for easy printing. 1/35 scale

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Every item avaiable in separeted STL file

Terrain Forest Set

Subscribing you will also get access to this Forest Set.

Everything at No Cost

Every object in this set is avaiable in a separete STL file

Countryside Town & Village Assets

Not only will you have access to our extensive military-themed sets, but you’ll also get free access to our other exciting themes like Countryside Town Village and Terrain.

Every object in this set is avaiable in a separete STL file

Commercial License for Physical Sales

For customers interested in selling the designated product in physical form, we offer a commercial license. 

This license allows you to exclusively market, promote, and distribute the product for physical sales, in accordance with the terms specified in the license agreement. 

To acquire the commercial license, simply click the button below to make your purchase.

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